Bookkeeping Services

Professional & Efficient

Our team of  qualified bookkeepers are highly experienced, efficient and professional and will liaise with your accountants or auditors to ensure that your accounts are up-to-date and ready for auditing.

Our service is flexible – we can do the work according to your needs,  weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  We can even collect your accounting records and catch up your backlog of bookkeeping work, bringing you a “finished product”-  Accounts you can be proud of !

Part of our Bookkeeping Service is processing all your statutory returns e.g. VAT returns, and run the full accounting function, up to financial year end.

You will have all the Management Reports at your fingertips to be able to make the correct decisions in your company.

From as little as R500 (ex vat) per month !

Payroll Service

Let us run your payroll for your company. Payslips, monthly reports and SARS submissions.

From as little as R500 per company or R150 per payslip (ex vat).

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