Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that we’re changing the world with technology. Every day there are developments in every area of our lives that make them better. One of the biggest advances for small businesses in recent years has been the advent of cloud accounting. Rae & Associates can help you move over to QuickBooks Online Accounting software seamlessly and easily, and you can experience the advantages of technology in your business accounting today.

Why move to QuickBooks Online Accounting?

We started off the new financial year at the beginning of March and moving to QuickBooks Online Accounting will ensure that your business is best-placed for success. With QuickBooks, you can access all your business apps in one central location right on your computer screen: using a personalised dashboard that will save you from having to move between spreadsheets, apps and online accounts. Invoices are also automated, so you simply enter the invoice amount, choose a template and send it via your phone. For added convenience, you can get notification of when the customer has received it, when they have read it, and when it’s paid.

This software allows you to keep up with the industry trends that affect your business. QuickBooks garners insights from the data it gathers from millions of customers in countries all over the world and can help you run your business better. QuickBooks is also introducing a feature that will make it easier for businesses to locate an accountant, with accompanying customer reviews, in their area.

Free migration with Rae & Associates

We will migrate our clients’ data on to the QuickBooks Online Accounting platform and convert their data at no cost. This is a seamless migration from your old system with no additional charges incurred.

Why move away from traditional office-based systems?

Storing critical information is a major concern for small businesses. Many of them are moving their information to the cloud because keeping it on laptops, desktops or external hard drives is risky. Keeping your information in the cloud by using a solution like QuickBooks makes it safer, with reliable firewall protection and regular security updates to safeguard your information against cyberattacks. This online accounting software will also automatically perform regular backups.

Another advantage of using QuickBooks is that it makes your information more accessible to your team. This software allows you to get more value from an outsourced accountant or bookkeeper because all parties can access the most up-to-date information on shared documents.

Rae & Associates offers accounting consulting services and accounting software to suit the needs of small businesses. We have worked with many start-up business owners and know that financial management is one of the biggest stress factors in any business. We can help you to choose the best, most affordable, accounting solution for your business. Talk to us to find out more about how small business accounting software can help you take your business to the next level.