We live in an increasingly digital world where millennials and Gen Z prefer to message instead of calling or emailing (according to this recent report) and their preferred platform is WhatsApp.

So what does this mean for the small and medium enterprise (SME) workspace? Well, since these generations now make up most of the workforce, business owners have to adapt their communication tactics to relate better to employees and boost cash flow.

The importance of new types of messaging

Messaging apps are transforming the communication landscape and requiring faster and more immediate interactions between businesses, suppliers and consumers.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger offer businesses a chance to communicate in a more personal manner with younger clients or suppliers via their preferred channels. More than half of clients surveyed said they would be more likely to buy from a company that provided a customer service via WhatsApp or Facebook. WhatsApp communications could also help SMEs avoid late payments, a problem that is often cited as hampering the growth of these businesses.

We’re on board

We developed our accounting software, QuickBooks, with a WhatsApp feature that allows business owners to share invoices via WhatsApp. Unlike emails, which can remain unnoticed among vast amounts of correspondence, messaging apps can be perfect for urgent communications that don’t require lengthy word counts or detailed responses.

Stay ahead of the curve

Businesses need to be aware of how technology is changing the way we communicate. Lauren Du Plooy is a director at Rae & Associates and an Intuit trainer and Writer Network member.

She says: “As the business landscape is continuously changing due to the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by digital generations, small businesses need to ensure that they stay ahead of the communication curve so as not to be left behind.”

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