Are you one of those people who recognises the benefits of switching to a cloud-based system but don’t know how to go about initiating the process? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow our beginner’s guide for tips on how to start making the switch to online accounting.

Make a firm decision

Being committed to the change will make things easier for you and putting things in place for the move is important. Your QuickBooks account manager can put you in touch with accountants or bookkeepers in your area who have successfully made the switch. Remember that it is always beneficial to talk to experienced users. Change management professionals can be brought in and you can also make use of external consultants who can advise on cultural change.

Lead from the front

Leadership must all be on the same page and reach a consensus on supporting the change. This will help employees to understand and agree with reasons for the change, which is the next step. You can schedule a meeting for this express purpose, outlining positive outcomes and benefits to garner support. This could be followed by one-on-one meetings to gather direct reports where you listen to employee concerns and questions. Record feedback in a document that you can share with a QuickBooks account manager. Remember that their experience in this process can be of invaluable help.

Bring in the troops

Create a cloud champion(s) to drive change management, build enthusiasm and implement software. This person must have the necessary authority and buy-in to make effective changes. Schedule time to conduct migration and other certificate training, it’s important to specify a time for training on the new methods. Create a certification KPI or professional development plan for employees.

Get clients up to speed

Create a client segmentation exercise to identify what sort of customers they are, their industry and the systems they use. Then you can set targets for moving them to the cloud. Break this down into weekly, monthly or yearly segments so you can track the progress and refine it accordingly. Be sure to note how long significant action takes at the firm, partner and staff levels and use these benchmarks to measure progress later. Again, you can discuss the progress of your change-over with your QuickBooks account manager or practice consultant for their input and insights.

We’re on your side

Rae & Associates offers accounting consulting services and accounting software to meet the demands of all businesses. We can help you to make the move to QuickBooks Online Accounting software seamlessly and easily, and you can experience the advantages of technology in your business accounting today.

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