Cloud-based accounting software delivers all the functionality of a desktop accounting system, but with a plethora of additional benefits such as a clear overview of your current financial position, multi-user access, automatic updates and upfront business cost reductions. We often think of the business benefits of implementing accounting software, but let’s look at its social impact.

When you introduce this type of software to a non-profit organisation (NGO) that conducts HIV education programmes in South Africa, it fundamentally changes how funding reaches the institution.

HIVSA was grappling with accessing funding information to better finance the community-based organisations supported by the NGO. To address this, the NGO turned to cloud-based software at several of its clinics to provide a centralised, automated system.

HIVSA implemented Intuit QuickBooks (cloud accounting software) at 22 HIV community-based organisations. Now the NGO has a bird’s-eye view of the movement of funds and can identify any shortages. Not only that, the software was integrated to level up the books to an international standard to attract more funding.

Lauren du Plooy is director of Rae & Associates and Intuit QuickBooks trainer. She says of the system: “It also helps with new funders as it looks more professional when you show computerised reports that are up to date and in the type of detail they require.”

Before the introduction of QuickBooks, each community-based organisation was preparing inconsistent Excel spreadsheets that made it difficult to allocate funds. The new system now keeps employees up to date and not reliant on irregular monthly reports from external accountants.

“I think this is an incredible example of how digital technology can cross boundaries and bring people together from all walks of life. It’s a clear example of why businesses don’t need to be fearful to make the change and embrace technology … Rae & Associates is pleased to be a part of this initiative. Not only is it so energising to teach people vital skills, but contributing to such an important mission is very rewarding,” adds du Plooy.

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