As the market becomes more competitive for entrepreneurs, small businesses will need every advantage they can get to thrive. Consumer trends reflect that customers want high-impact, personalised and meaningful experiences with the businesses they support, big or small. This puts pressure on small businesses to overhaul their operations to keep up with what enterprises are delivering. This can be costly and might not align with the objectives of every growing business.

Thankfully, technology has provided alternative ways for small businesses to streamline their operations in line with their core strategies and to satisfy modern customers without taking on too much risk. One such gift from technology is cloud computing. It is accessible to businesses of all sizes and has myriad applications. Let’s take a look at a handful of ways it can support your small business and why Rae and Associates is your perfect partner.

  1. Archiving

Cloud backups are becoming a necessity for businesses trying to avoid the financial and reputational loss that come with data disasters. Having electronic copies of paper documents is no longer enough if you’re storing them on hard drives. The first step towards a solid disaster recovery strategy is to have a cloud backup on a secure server in addition to the local electronic and hard copies you already have. If you can differentiate yourself as a small business with a consistent archiving system, customers and other stakeholders will be more willing to do business with you – and cloud computing can help you do that.

  1. Remote work

Remote work is a permanent feature of the digital age. It improves staff morale, increases productivity and boosts the bottom line for businesses. Plus, with fewer employees physically in the office, you can save on overheads such as electricity, the internet and phone bills. The cloud makes remote work a practical and achievable goal. Whether it’s conferencing into meetings, collaborating in real time or project management, there’s a wealth of affordable (if not free) tools available that can keep your business running efficiently even when employees are oceans apart.

  1. Accounting

Cloud accounting has several benefits for small businesses. For one thing, it involves a minimal setup, so your business can start taking advantage of it as soon as possible. But that’s not where it ends. It’s more cost-effective compared with desktop accounting software, which requires a heavy upfront payment instead of a renewable subscription fee. It’s secure and accessible from any device with internet connectivity anywhere in the world, which makes the remote financial management of your business a breeze. Most importantly, cloud accounting tools are designed to be easy to use so any frustration with spreadsheets becomes a thing of the past.

Cloud accounting with R&A

At Rae and Associates, we’re specialists at premium cloud accounting tools that enable you to make practical sense of your business’s financial management and optimise your operations. QuickBooks Online Accounting and Xero Accounting Software are ideal for small businesses that are in the market for cost-effective and innovative solutions.

You can also count on expert training and support from our team who are invested in helping you to grow your business sustainably by leveraging technology and digitisation.

For more information about our cloud accounting solutions and support offering, get in touch with us today.