Payroll software that manages all the complexities for you

FlashPayroll helps you Manage the complexity of payroll and allows you to easily create and manage your payroll data. It’s many advantages include:

Ease of use

Payroll software has a reputation for being complicated and difficult to learn. Cryptic codes and obscure configuration means that users require intense training and years of experience to master the software.

Flash Payroll was designed with the sole purpose of demystifying and managing the complexity of payroll and to provide users with a modern and intuitive interface that allows them to easily create and manage payroll data.

Moving to a new payroll system has never been easier. With FlashPayroll you have the benefit of a full, seamless conversion of data from all the major payroll software systems in the market today. This means that you won’t lose any data when you migrate to FlashPayroll.


FlashPayroll was built from the ground up on the documentation and specifications of SARS, so everything you do is tied into correct reporting codes, validation and formats. Access the reports you need to complete your submissions and create compliant-format export files for electronic submissions.

Validation of mandatory fields is done in an unobtrusive way to alert you about missing or incorrect information, but this will not hinder you until the program cannot continue without the information.

Own your data

Your data is in the most secure and accessible place possible – on your local machine or network server. FlashPayroll is supported by the industry-standard secure and stable Microsoft SQL Server database server.

Don’t be the victim of Internet downtime when you need to complete your pay run. Don’t learn that your data was hacked or sold to marketers and that your private details are all over the Internet. Don’t be held hostage by increasing prices to access your data or the risk that the company holding your data will disappear overnight.

Have the ability to access your data from many common tools to increase your productivity and  match your business processes. You are free to modify your data directly and even delete it permanently. FlashPayroll automatically backs up your data frequently to add to your peace of mind.

Our consultants can import your data from Sage VIP Payroll, Pastel Partner Payroll and Quickbooks KeyPlayer Payroll, so don’t worry that you will have to start from scratch if you want to switch to FlashPayroll.


FlashPayroll’s pricing is exceptionally competitive and is more aligned with the SMME market than available traditional payroll software.

Our payroll solution is free for three employees or fewer for the first year so you can download and try the program to see if it suits your needs. This exciting new application is ready to roll from as little as R99 a month.

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