Bookkeeping and accounting services

Flexible and professional bookkeeping and accounting services

The Rae & Associates team of qualified bookkeepers and accountants are professional and highly experienced. We liaise with your organisation’s accountants or auditors to ensure updated and correct accounts and financial information so you are fully prepared for auditing.

Our bookkeeping services are flexible, and can be done on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule. To work according to your preferences, we can also collect your accounting records to catch up bookkeeping backlogs and return thoroughly completed accounts.

In addition to clearing your backlog and being available for a variety of schedules, we also process all your statutory returns and run the full accounting function up to financial year end. For a cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting service which empowers you to make informed business decisions and accurate forecasts, Rae & Associates can provide you with comprehensive and professional services.

If you would like more information please contact us or request a quote.

Why Cloud Accounting is Good for Business

Small business accounting software that’s not available on the cloud can be tedious to use.
Traditionally, it takes up too much of your business’s time and effort – which doesn’t add
value and takes the fun out of being in business.